Applications to Mitigate Global Risk

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Brand Protection Solutions

eApeiron is a global provider of innovative brand protection solutions. Counterfeiting is a problem for brand owners and requires a comprehensive solution, including the application of an end-to-end set of brand protection strategies and tactics.

eApeiron is uniquely positioned as a respected brand and an experienced anti-counterfeiting leader to provide technology and solutions designed to protect global brands from counterfeiting.

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Gray Market

Gray market can be considered a fraudulent means of inflating profits for distributors, while reducing revenue from brand owners.

It has been estimated that as much as $63 billion per year in revenue is lost to Gray market diversion in the U.S. Within the IT industry alone, nearly $5 billion in profits is lost to Gray market activity each year.

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Black Market

When people think about black markets, they often only think about criminal activities centered on theft and the sale of stolen merchandise. Most large business owners have a Corporate Security Office which addresses this version of black markets and which protects the company’s interest against the double whammy of supply chain theft: increased manufacturing costs and lost revenue. However, black markets are more than a marketplace for stolen goods.

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Trademark Infringement

Intellectual Property Rights are some of the most guarded assets for any brand owner today. Intellectual property infringement can be the violation of copyrights, patents, and trademarks. These challenging brand protection issues pose several concerns to brand owners around the world.

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How It Works

Learn more about the advanced technology behind the eApeiron brand protection program. Watch our video now.