Black Market

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eApeiron recognizes that global enterprises are facing increasing brand erosion and revenue loss from illicit activities in black markets.

When people think about black markets, they often only think about illicit activities centered on theft and the sale of stolen merchandise. Most large business owners have a Corporate Security Office which addresses black market and which protects the company’s interest against the double whammy of supply chain theft, increased manufacturing costs, and lost revenue. The black market is more than a marketplace for stolen goods. It is also a center for trade in counterfeit goods. It is estimated that counterfeit goods sold on the black market amount over one trillion dollars in sales.

Beyond these direct and very tangible monetary losses, the counterfeiting activities are also responsible for brand erosion and, for some brand owners, liability and warranty losses. Consumers who unknowingly purchase counterfeit goods can lose confidence in a brand when counterfeit products fail to perform as well as the brand name product. For some products, ranging from pharmaceuticals to industrial parts, low quality counterfeit goods can raise safety, liability, and warranty issues for the legitimate brand owner.

eApeiron has extensive intellectual property leadership in the material and imaging sciences, printing technology and security solutions. Drawing upon this experience, eApeiron has developed a portfolio of brand protection services and solutions designed to help enterprises address the threats arising from counterfeit activities in black markets.

eApeiron's proven brand protection strategies and countermeasures span sectors as diverse as life sciences, luxury goods and collectibles, consumer packaged goods, food, wines and spirits, clothing and footwear, industrial, government, document security.

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