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Brand Protection Solutions

Features & Benefits

eApeiron is a global provider of innovative brand protection solutions. Counterfeiting is a problem for brand owners and requires a comprehensive solution, including the application of an end-to-end set of brand protection strategies and tactics.

eApeiron is uniquely positioned as a respected brand and an experienced anti-counterfeiting leader to provide technology and solutions designed to protect global brands from counterfeiting.

With a broad portfolio of brand protection solutions and services, eApeiron helps brand owners navigate through the myriad of technology choices to design and implement a customized, effective and economical strategy.


Because eApeiron has extensive experience with fighting counterfeiting at the global level, we provide expert consulting for enterprises. eApeiron brand protection consultants can review your needs and create solutions for you that can enhance your company’s capabilities and reduce the threat posed by counterfeiting activities.


What’s the best brand protection solution? It depends. eApeiron brand protection experts help brand owners find the optimal solution that is cost-effective.

Brand protection technologies can take several forms including:

  • Overt solutions
  • Semi-covert solutions
  • Covert solutions
  • Ultra-covert solutions
  • Forensic solutions

Each class of brand protection technology has strengths and weaknesses. Overt solutions, like holograms, can be verified by anyone who knows what to look for, but often can add additional process steps when applied to products and packaging. Additionally, the ease of verification that comes with an overt solution makes overt solutions easy targets for counterfeiters. At the other end of the spectrum, a forensic solution, such as a laboratory-based analysis of some existing packaging component, can be inexpensive to deploy on billions of packages, but time consuming and relatively expensive when it comes to the verification step.

eApeiron has applied years of experience in materials and imaging science to develop a set of brand protection measures that define a new category: ultra-covert. Ultra-covert brand protection solutions embody the benefits of forensic solutions and of covert solutions. Like forensic options, ultra-covert solutions are economically deployed on products and packaging, even at high volume; they drop easily into existing production processes; and they are highly secure and hard to replicate. At the same time, ultra-covert solutions share the easy-to-use field verification benefits of covert brand protection solutions.

eApeiron believes a layered approach to brand protection is the most effective and economical way to build a high performance solution. The total brand protection security technology package must be chosen to meet the needs, capabilities, technical and cost requirements of the brand owner. Layering brand protection components maximizes authentication needs throughout the product supply chain and provides viable pathways for future brand protection technology improvement and migration.

The eApeiron Solutions portfolio offers a wide range of choices when building your brand protection strategy.

All of these brand protection solutions embody eApeiron’s value proposition: drop-in easy, cost-effective, high security brand protection with easy field verification.


eApeiron’s experience in brand protection includes helping clients evaluate and benchmark their current exposure to the risks arising from black market and gray market, as well as helping brand owners design and implement authentication, track & trace, monitoring, and enforcement strategies.

eApeiron’s approach to a high performance brand protection strategy includes five steps:

Our brand protection experts are ready to help you build and implement a brand protection strategy utilizing sophisticated techniques that can take on challenges of black and gray market threats.

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