eApeiron Brand Protection Products

Our exclusive technology lets you mark, authenticate, track & trace, and enforce without changing your production process.



The KODAK Traceless System is a family of products than can be used as one phase of a comprehensive end-to-end Brand Protection System. Multiple levels of security are possible using proprietary KODAK markers in conjunction with KODAK readers.

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TRACELESS AD System for Antidiversion

The KODAK Traceless AD System for Antidiversion is a highly customizable system that can help you fill your brand protection needs. Create truly invisible and long-lasting covert marks with clear security ink from Kodak. Can be used with or without a Track & Trace System and implemented using a continuous inkjet system.

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Track & Trace System

Incorporate unique, serialized visible and invisible marks onto your products or packaging that can easily be authenticated, tracked in a database, and traced throughout the supply chain.

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TRACELESS Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Drop-in simplicity to embed covert markers on your labels using your existing thermal printers.

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TRACELESS Color Shifting Ink

Delivers an additional layer of overt authentication to your products. These inks can be used with Traceless markers to provide a double layer of protection.

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TRACELESS CIJ Authenticate System

Seamlessly incorporate an authentication mechanism into a product or package in your own facility.

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How It Works

Learn more about the advanced technology behind the eApeiron brand protection program. Watch our video now.