TRACELESS AD System for Antidiversion

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TRACELESS AD System for Antidiversion

Features & Benefits

The KODAK Traceless AD System for Antidiversion is a highly customizable system that can help you fill your brand protection needs. Create truly invisible and long-lasting covert marks with clear security ink from Kodak. Can be used with or without a Track & Trace System and implemented using a continuous inkjet system.

  • Use on documents, labels and packaging.
  • Provides authentication as well as Track and Trace with one mark.
  • The mark is not visible with either UV or visible light. The diverters and counterfeiters cannot remove what they cannot see.
  • Will grow with your brand protection needs. Provides covert serialization with drop-in simplicity.
  • Combine with a visible barcode and this system can be integrated with your existing Track & Trace System.

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