TRACELESS Color Shifting Ink

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TRACELESS Color Shifting Ink

Features & Benefits

Protect your products with a multi-layered security system using KODAK Traceless Color Shifting Inks. Available in multiple color pairs, KODAK Traceless Color Shifting Inks provide an overt authentication feature to your packaging with an attractive eye-catching appeal.

  • These inks are made with special pigments that change color as the viewing angle changes.
  • Available in multiple eye-catching color pairs that can be added to packages, labels and documents without needing to redo artwork and graphics layout.
  • Color shifting features can be used on a solid black background, white background or gradients.
  • Graphic Design flexibility when used as a semi-visible image over label graphics.
  • Multiple layers of security applied in a single step when used in combination with KODAK Traceless Markers.
  • Press ready formulation for Flexographic printing, which simplifies production steps and helps to achieve consistent quality from batch to batch.
  • Allows immediate recognition that the product is authentic.

Reviews & Awards