Track & Trace System

Features & Benefits

Protect your assets from diverters and counterfeiters alike with the KODAK Track and Trace System. It incorporates unique, serialized visible and invisible marks onto your products or packaging that can easily be authenticated, tracked in a database, and traced throughout the supply chain—accomplished in a secure, cost-effective, and reliable manner using KODAK Traceless Viewers and custom smartphone apps. With the backing of our award-winning service and support, you'll know that you are protecting your brand and reassuring your customers with a solution you can trust.

  • Highly secure solution
  • Integrated system to mark, track and trace your product
  • Unique serialized visible and invisible marks
  • Combines product authentication with track & trace
  • Online Incident Monitoring System enabled by mobile authentication
  • Flexible printing options, including in line CIJ printers
  • End-to-end distribution channel tracking

Reviews & Awards