Features & Benefits

Is your brand protected? The costs of counterfeiting can be staggering. And it's not just counterfeiting that companies must worry about. Billions of dollars are lost every year to the black market, the gray market, product tampering, patent infringement, and trademark infringement. eApeiron can help you protect your brand, your products, and your reputation with eApeiron Brand Protection services including:

  • Assessment and Advisory Services
    Brand Protection Assessment to identify black market and gray market risks.
  • Forensic Product Analysis Services
    Examine and validate the integrity of your product or packaging.
    Identify and document a risk and vulnerability assessment.
  • Prototype Development Services
    Develop product and packaging prototypes that incorporate security features designed specifically for your products, distribution, packaging, or labeling applications.
  • Implementation Services
    eApeiron can help you stay one step ahead of counterfeiters and gray marketers with our complete line of KODAK Traceless Systems.

How It Works

Learn more about the advanced technology behind the eApeiron brand protection program. Watch our video now.